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Cameron Diaz: Bikini waxes are secret

Cameron Diaz has encouraged women to keep some small secrets from their boyfriends.

The 41-year-old actress has penned The Body Book, which she hopes will help women accept their bodies. However, she's keen to point out that ladies shouldn't become over confident, as there are some things that should always remain private.

"I don't think that everything a girl does in order to make herself feel confident needs to be revealed to a man," she told British magazine Glamour. "I think all that should be a bit of a secret. So don't ever tell your boyfriend that you're talking to him on the phone while you're getting bikini waxed. I also don't believe in putting down your man in public - or private."

Cameron hit the headlines last week when she claimed pretty much all women have been attracted to members of the same sex at some point. That doesn't mean she has lost interest in men though, as she has a list of requirements her perfect partner would need to fulfil - some stranger than others.

"I love hands. Hands and noses. I like manly hands, not soft hands. I like to know that those hands are capable of something - know what I mean?" the currently single star explained. "That they know how to do hard work and manipulate things... I think noses are character. You have to have a sense of self through the nose you've been given - what you've been born with. Also it's the first thing you come into contact with when you to go to touch each other - when you go for that first kiss."

At the moment the star is promoting her movie The Other Woman, which also stars Kate Upton and Leslie Mann. It's about a woman who discovers her boyfriend is married, a situation Cameron has strong views on.

"I don't think so," she replied, when asked if she'd ever been 'the other woman'. "Hopefully not. I really don't think it's a cool thing to be. Women shouldn't do that to other women. I know that it's hard when a hot guy's coming on to you, but when it comes down to it you're participating in something that is totally against the code."

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