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Cameron Diaz 'bonding with Gaga's man'

Cameron Diaz's friendship with Lady Gaga's boyfriend is apparently not "going down well".

The blonde actress stars alongside Lady Gaga's boyfriend in upcoming comedy The Other Woman.

According to sources, the two thespians are getting on like a house on fire - which is said to be making the eccentric Gaga suspicious.

“This isn’t going down well," an insider told British newspaper The Sun.

“Cameron and Taylor have clicked on set and are getting on really well. They’ve been hanging out and the news has reached Gaga’s camp."

Yesterday curvaceous model Kate Upton celebrated her 21st birthday.

Apparently Cameron and Taylor used a part for Kate as an excuse to spend some more time together off set.

“Cameron and Taylor have been seen in cafes and went out for dinner. They were joined at the hip at a drinks party for Kate Upton's birthday," the insider divulged.

“Taylor has the perfect excuse for going for days out with Cameron as they’re workmates, but they’re not just being close at work."

Gaga was diagnosed with synovitis, a severe inflammation of the joints, earlier this year and underwent surgery on her hip.

Despite being on the mend, the singer had to cancel some of her Born This Way Ball shows.

Cameron's reported closeness to Taylor and even his family is said to be impacting the worn-out star.

“Cameron also met Taylor’s family as his brothers Adam and Trent have visited the set," the source continued.

“It’s been a stressful time for Gaga with this on her plate as she’s recovering from hip surgery.”

Gaga and Taylor have been dating since 2011, while Cameron has enjoyed relationships with Justin Timberlake and Jared Leto in the past.

Meanwhile, Gaga ditched her usual outlandish style for an elegant bridesmaid dress at her friend's wedding over the weekend. The pretty blonde rocked a silky peach gown with a flower in her hair.

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