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Cameron Diaz: Drew deserves everything

Cameron Diaz is overjoyed that her close friend Drew Barrymore is happy.

The two actresses are close friends and starred alongside each other in the Charlie's Angels movies. Although Drew has been acting since her childhood, she's fought a well publicised battle with drink and drugs that saw her end up in rehab at 13.

She's now happily married to Will Kopelman, with who she has daughter Olive with and another baby on the way, something Cameron is over the moon about.

"What's really valuable about a good friendship is how much you can want for the other person. Take my girlfriend Drew [Barrymore]. She has this beautiful baby and this wonderful husband and this life she's really worked hard to build, and I've watched her through the whole journey. I'm so happy for her," Cameron smiled to Redbook magazine.

The 41-year-old actress is currently starring in The Other Woman, a movie about three ladies who team up to exact revenge on a cheating man.

The project has meant that Cameron has been thinking a lot about infidelity, and she offered up some advice to anyone who's ever found themselves in that situation.

"The best revenge is to move past [the hurt] as quickly as possible and live your life. To do that, you can either take the high road or the low road," Cameron divulged. "I'm not going to tell a woman to become best friends with the girl her boyfriend is cheating with, but I will say, don't waste your energy focusing on who this woman is, what you think she has that you don't, or how you can change the guy. If he's a cheater, he's a cheater. Just move on."

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