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Cameron Diaz: Mann is wild

Cameron Diaz has assured people that Leslie Mann is not "adorable".

The two actresses star in The Other Woman, which also features Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton.

While Leslie might come across as sweet and innocent, her co-star insists there's more to her than meets the eye.

"I think that's what so disarming about what she does. You think she's this little package of adorableness, but actually she's seriously one of the most fearless people you'll ever meet. She's also so physically strong!" Cameron marvelled to Empire magazine.

"Her legs are so grounded. It's like a low centre of gravity thing. And she may look like this cute little adorable thing, but then she'll do something so insane, something no one else would have the balls to do, and you'll be like, 'F**k...' It's almost like what they say about childbirth. You forget that you just witnessed what you saw, so you get back to where you were. And then it happens again and you're like, 'Wait! How did I forget this?'"

The Other Woman is about a woman who teams up with her lover's wife to seek revenge when she finds out he's married.

Cameron, 41, thinks friendship and sisterhood are more important now that females have realised they don't need to rely on men.

"Women are used to being reliant on men. That was part of our happily-ever-after," she reasoned.

"Part of that story had to have a man involved, a house involved, with a picket fence. And for men, too - they are still caught up in that mentality where they have to take a wife and provide for her, to be successful, make tons of money. There are all these ideas of what happiness is supposed to look like, of what you are supposed to acquire in order to be happy. But it should be about what's within. What is our passion? What do I want to engage in from my life, rather than acquire from someone else's?"

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