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Tuesday 23 September 2014

Cameron Diaz set to write book?

Cameron Diaz is planning to write a book to help young girls stay healthy, according to reports

Cameron Diaz is reportedly writing a book about nutrition.

The What To Expect When You're Expecting star wants to use her celebrity status to help give young girls the right ideas about eating properly and staying healthy, reported E! News.

A source said: "She wants to stop their fixation on being thin, and for teenage girls to understand that being healthy is more important.

"She wants to use her celebrity to make a difference. She knows she is a role model to girls and she really wants to use that position to do good. This book is not about weight, it's about making the right choices."

The book will reportedly include advice from stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow, whose efforts with her lifestyle newsletter Goop have apparently been an inspiration to Cameron.

Cameron has yet to sign a publishing deal, but a spokesperson for the Hollywood star confirmed: "This is one of many projects she is considering for the future but nothing firm or ready to announce."

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