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Cameron Diaz shares ‘equation for life’

Cameron Diaz says she is always looking for a way to find balance when faced with obstacles.

The 41-year-old There’s Something About Mary actress doesn’t believe in striving for perfection.

Cameron is fine with running up against obstacles, as she always finds a way to transform after facing challenging experiences.

“I am not perfect—I go down the wrong roads,” she told America’s OK! magazine.

“But my goal is to always find my way back. It’s an equation over life, it’s more good over bad, happiness than sadness.”

The Other Woman star recently released The Body Book, a tome designed to help women learn how to look after their bodies. Cameron is surprised by her newfound status as a published author, but she confesses most events in her life come as a shock.

“I had no idea I would write a book. I had no idea I would be making movies for 20 years. I had no idea I would be doing any of this stuff that I am doing right now in my life. I don’t ask for it, it just comes to me, so I’m happy,” she said.

Cameron is hoping her equation will manifest great things in the next two decades to come.

The star says she will be aiming for the same goal.

“If you go back 20 years to the first interviews that I ever did, I said, ‘Happy, hopefully,’ [in response to questions about my future]. That’s still my goal,” she said.

“Where else are you supposed to go? I am very much a person who lives in the moment, and I have always been that way. I don’t project. I don’t worry about where I am going to go or what I am going to do, or how it’s going to happen.”

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