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Cameron Diaz 'worried about flirt jokes'

Cameron Diaz is reportedly shocked by flirting jibes circulating about her in Hollywood.

The beauty was allegedly shunned from Madonna's glitzy post-Oscars party, after the host's friend Demi Moore requested she not be invited.

According to British magazine Closer, Cameron upset Demi by flirting with her estranged husband Ashton Kutcher shortly after the pair's marriage broke down.

And now reports have emerged that Cameron is upset that her flirty behaviour has caused tension.

"Cameron couldn't believe it when she heard she was banned from the party and it ruined her night at the Oscars," a source told the magazine.

"Demi had been upset when she heard Cameron and Ashton had been spotted flirting at a Golden Globes party, just two months after they split. But Cameron insists it was harmless, as she's known Ashton since they starred in What Happens in Vegas in 2008.

"In hindsight, Cameron knows it was probably a little thoughtless, but she certainly didn't mean any harm," the source added.

Insiders say Cameron is fast garnering a reputation as a "man-eater".

"Cameron seems to have put a few noses out of joint in Hollywood with her flirting. She's always had a 'may-the-best-lady-win' attitude, but it hasn't made her popular with some people. Her ex Justin Timberlake's new fiancée Jessica Biel asks that she and Cameron are never invited to the same private parties," the source said.

"And Demi's good friends Madonna and Jennifer Aniston are still bitter after Cameron dated their exes, A-Rod [Alex Rodriguez] and Paul Sculfor, months after their relationships ended."

Cameron's friends are reportedly concerned about people getting the wrong impression of her. According to sources, they are urging the blonde beauty to tone down her behaviour as it can sometimes be misconstrued.

"Cameron thinks the other girls are jealous and is trying to pretend she doesn't care, but it's obvious she doesn't want to be shunned or upset anyone," the insider added. "And, right now, it seems to be turning into one nasty Hollywood fued!"

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