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Cameron: Nothing is a complete fail

Cameron Diaz thinks of life as "a bunch of lessons" and is grateful for how she can continue to grow.

The Sex Tape actress is renowned for being completely open about her views on life. The 41-year-old believes that life is about constantly striving to be a better person.

"I don’t think of anything as a failure. I think of life as just a bunch of lessons," she said at a recent press event, reports Refinery29. "The failure is not taking the lesson and utilising it and trying to make a better choice next time and growing and using all your experience."

Cameron has had a very successful movie career since her breakout role in 1994 film The Mask. But even if she hadn't had all the benefits that come from being one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood, she would always be thankful for life and the joys it brings.

"I think of life as a blessing and an opportunity to keeping growing and doing better as much as you can," she continued. "You don’t always. Sometimes you trip on the same crack you know that that’s there. But hopefully the third or fourth and fifth time you step over it. I don’t think of anything as a failure.”

The blonde beauty can relate to her character in Sex Tape, Annie, who is a mother and a blogger who is trying figure out how much of her life she should share with the cyber world.

“I think it’s great. I think it’s a brave thing to do, you’re putting a part of yourself out there in the world. As Annie, my character, sees, the contents of the experiences in her life [are] being bartered," she said. "She’s trying to see how much she can give and be authentic to herself and not be too risqué. There’s a lot of questions about how much you give when you’re giving of yourself and you also want to inform people.”

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