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Camila Alves’ kitchen bonding

Matthew McConaughey’s wife Camila Alves loves cooking alongside daughter Vida because she finds it a bonding experience.

The stunning model and actress has three children with husband Matthew McConaughey, six-year-old Levi, four-year-old Vida and son Livingston, who turns two later this month. And the 32–year-old says that she enjoys nothing more than turning into a domestic goddess alongside her little girl.

“I love having my daughter in the kitchen with me as I prepare meals,” Camila blogged for “We talk about anything and everything.”

Camila added that it was her upbringing in Brazil and her family’s love of cooking that inspired her own motivation in the kitchen.

Now, Camila even comes up with her own recipes to delight her children and superstar husband.

“One of my favourite memories from growing up in Brazil is being in the kitchen with my family and watching everyone bake and cook,” Camila wrote. “I loved seeing my mom put her own twist on years-old family recipes and also create new dishes. This made me develop a passion for cooking at a young age and would eventually inspire me to prepare meals and host wonderful family dinners. And the gatherings would get bigger and even more fun around the holidays!

“This shared love of cooking and celebration has allowed me to create a strong bond with my family.”

Matthew recently opened up about his love for Camila, admitting it is her ability to both love and challenge him that makes her such a perfect spouse.

“I've got a wife who challenges me,” Matthew told Details magazine. “There were two movies I wanted to do last year, but they were back-to-back with no separation. “She was like, ‘You want to do it - buck up, grab your nuts, and make it happen. We'll be there with you.’ ”

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