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Camille Grammer: Kelsey hurt me

Kelsey Grammer's comments about his failed marriage "hurt a lot", says his ex-wife Camille.

The reality TV star explained that despite some ups and downs, she had believed their union was strong.

Former Playboy model Camille, who was married to Fraser actor Kelsey from 1997 until early 2011, was especially upset that the star dismissed their love publicly on Oprah Winfrey's chat show.

"Of course it hurts. He went on this negativity tour 2012 recently, over the last few months, and it hurts you know," she exclusively told "I thought… you know all marriages have their ups and downs and I loved my ex very much and I thought we were in a good marriage. I mean, who knew?

"So when he went on Oprah and said that it was over from… as soon as it started… that hurt a lot because I believe in my heart that he loved me very much."

Since their divorce, Kelsey has remarried and had a daughter with fourth wife Kayte Walsh.

Camille has moved on with Dimitri Charalambopoulos.

The blonde bombshell insisted that despite their differences, she and Kelsey are trying to keep things civil for their children, daughter Mason Olivia, 11, and son Jude Gordon, eight.

"My daughter and my son were excited to know that Kayte was having a baby. When the baby came Kelsey text somebody to ask me if the kids could go and meet Faith and I said absolutely. It is what it is. My kids are very sweet. They're good kids," she gushed before swooning over the new man in her life. "He's totally hot and his body rocks but his soul is great. He's just a sweet person. He is a good guy and a great companion."

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