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Campbell: My mother taught me to persevere

Supermodel and guru for new reality show The Face Naomi Campbell has spoken about how the women in her family acted as mentors for her throughout her fashion career.

The iconic supermodel is currently a mentor on new reality show The Face.

With three ambitious models under her wing, Naomi takes her mentoring job very seriously.

The star appreciates all of the support that she received from her own advisors and loved ones throughout her career.

“I didn’t really have a mentor in the fashion industry when I was coming through the ranks, I wish I had though,” Naomi revealed to the American edition of OK! magazine.

“That’s why The Face is such a great opportunity for aspiring models, because they get to learn from Karolina, Coco and I. When I was growing up, I learned many life lessons from my mother and my aunts. They taught me that it’s all about drive. Perseverance is something I understood from my mom at an early age, and she taught me how important it is to commit yourself to something 110 per cent. These are lessons that I took with me through my career as a model.”

Naomi jumped at the opportunity to be a part of The Face.

She turned down several television offers before taking this on.

“I’ve been approached by reality TV shows in the past, but I never felt like they were right for me,” she explained.

“I’m a private person, so I wasn’t interested in appearing in a reality TV show about my personal life. When I was approached about The Face, I was interested in the show because it offered me the opportunity to be a mentor. The show has allowed me to take everything I’ve learned during my 26-year career and share it with aspiring models, and help them launch their careers. I have really enjoyed the whole experience!”

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