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Candice Bergen: Weight gain shouldn’t be shocking

Candice Bergen is surprised by the tabloid reaction to her comments about her love of food in her new memoir.

The Miss Congeniality actress is about to release her second memoir, A Fine Romance. But one chapter in particular caused a stir among the media when the 68-year-old admitted she’s fat, and doesn't really care.

“Maybe it’s shocking for an actor to admit to being overweight,” she pondered to the New York Times. “[But] I am not going to be the patron saint of overeaters, let me tell you. I draw the line.”

Candice has had a long and lustrous career, having started out as a model and appearing on the cover of Vogue before making her debut in 1966 film The Group. She was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in 1979 movie Starting Over and in more recent years, she has starred in the likes of Bride Wars and Sweet Home Alabama, as well as guest starring in Sex and the City.

Throughout it all, her stunning looks and enviable figure were a big part of her appeal, so her revelation that she has gained around 30 pounds and isn’t worried about it grabbed the media’s attention.

“I live to eat,” she wrote. “No carb is safe — no fat either.”

But what annoys the star is that the admission is only a tiny, somewhat throwaway part of the tome, which focuses more on her two marriages. The first was to French director Louis Malle while her second husband is the real estate developer and philanthropist Marshall Rose.

“I saw it first as a love letter to my daughter, and I was very grateful to be given the opportunity to do that,” she revealed.

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