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Cara Delevingne 'gets rabbit nanny'

Cara Delevingne is rumoured to have hired some help to look after her pet bunny Cecil.

The famous fashionista met her bunny Cecil earlier this year on a photoshoot and quickly adopted the ball of fluff.

But sources close to the model say Cecil is giving Cara a thumper of a headache due to his constant animal antics.

“She never thought a little rabbit would be so much hard work," an insider divulged to British newspaper The Daily Star.

“At the moment she simply has too many commitments to give him the full attention he needs.

“But giving him away is not an option, so she decided an extra pair of hands was the way forward.”

Cara, 21, isn't turning her back on Cecil just yet and has reportedly asked the organisers at Britain's V Festival if it's OK to bring him along.

Cecil famously has his own Instagram and Twitter account where Cara regularly posts pictures of the bunny, although no new snaps have been uploaded since June.

He also has famous friends and can be seen posing with Rita Ora and Cara's older sister Poppy.

In May Cecil caused a storm at Mulberry headquarters when he was allowed free reign of the room. The rabbit ended up in the air conditioning vent and was rescued by a maintenance man.

"He was happily eating the celery out of the Bloody Marys and just hanging with everyone," a source said at the time. "He was hopping around into everyone’s lap and then Cara put him down on the floor so she could take a few pictures. It was then that he saw his moment.

"Before anyone could do anything he had launched his back paws and scuttled over to it. The last thing anyone saw was the disappearing tail. He didn’t get very far because he got stuck under the floor."

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