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Cara Delevingne: Paparazzi, is it violence that you want?

Cara Delevingne has admitted she was on the verge of going berserk after experiencing a terrible run-in with photographers in Milan, Italy.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Cara Delevingne is starting to believe bloodthirsty paparazzi are banding together to elicit violence after experiencing a number of bad run-ins with photographers.

The 23-year-old actress-and-model is constantly under the spotlight.

And ahead of her visit to Milan, Italy to promote her and supermodel Kate Moss’ new campaign for clothing company Mango on Tuesday 23 September (15), Cara almost lost it after feeling mistreated by a throng of photographers.

“The paparazzi only get worse! I am not complaining but I just find it sad that I can't live in my own city because for that reason (sic),” she wrote on Twitter in a series of messages Monday 22 September (15). “Also to the guys in Milan! I only cover my face when you are rude to me, please do not make me feel like a zoo animal

“I was excited to be in Milan but now I have a feeling you are going to ruin my trip. If only I could make you feel the way you make me feel, I just hope that outside of this, you are able to feel empathy for others. If not then I feel truly sorry for you

“One day when I have time, I will find out where you live and camp outside your house with my friends armed with cameras Then let's see who is laughing And also, to answer your question, I did have a great night last night. Thank you! I definitely had a better night than you x

“Sorry guys, rant over. I hope you all had a great day. If I wasn't able to vent to you guys, these situations would probably end in violence”

Even though being followed by photographers is a bane only celebrities experience, Cara believes she is speaking for millions of others who feel objectified.

“I refuse to let these grown men treat people like objects with no feelings and get away with it, I will never be silent. Some of you are definitely worse than others and I promise that it will come back around to bite you, if not, I CERTAINLY WILL!” she tweeted. “I am definitely stopping now, I am not trying to moan, just being honest about how I feel. Sleep well, sweet dreams x”

But Cara did not stop, as she decided to respond to a fan who wrote a tweet stating: “@Caradelevingne you're whole career is based on being in the public eye though (sic).”

“I know and I accept that. It's part of my job but there should be a line. No one should be made to feel like that,” she insisted. “The silly thing is this will probably only make it worse, oopsie! I think they push me so far cause they want me to be violent Well f**k it, what will be, will be. You just have to laugh sometimes. The world is a crazy place, I wish I could pore molten cheese on them Mwhahahaha! I think the flashes are getting to my head Ha! Who needs privacy anyway? Sarcasm strikes again”

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