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Cara: True love is real!

Cara Delevingne thinks that friends can also be the love of your life.

The model has made a name for herself in movies with a leading role in Paper Towns, which also stars Nat Wolff. It's a tale of teenage infatuation, with Cara playing the mysterious Margo, who loves to go missing and leave clues for her friends - among them old pal Quentin, who has been crushing on her for years.

"Oh yes! I believe pure love without boundaries exists, and not just films!" she smiled to German magazine Jolie. "But friendship can also be love. Luckily I have some great friends and am very loyal myself. I'd take a bullet for my friends, I'd give my life. I think that's love, right? They mean a lot to me."

But Cara doesn't just have love for her friends - she's also passionate about acting and music. Not much has happened on the music front yet, but it's always been on her mind.

"I started playing the drums when I was nine," she recalled. "It was a freeing feeling for me because I've always had a lot of energy and always been on the go. Rhythm is a way of life for me. I'm always hearing the rhythm in things - it could be the rain or people talking. I can express myself with the drums. If I'm angry or need to relieve pressure somehow, I'll play for hours."

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