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Carey Mulligan: Celebs need perspective

Carey Mulligan doesn't understand why people have suddenly becoming afraid of expressing their views.

The 29-year-old actress leads a relatively quiet life with her husband, musician Marcus Mumford. When she isn't busy shooting movies, Carey makes sure to help those who don't have the privileges she is lucky enough to enjoy. One way she does this is by supporting Warchild, a charity that protects kids living in the world's most dangerous war zones.

"In no small way does it give you perspective on things, which I feel I’ve always had. No one in my family works in the film industry," she explained to "I’m constantly reminded of the rest of world not being as fortunate as I am, as a lucky person who has done OK in acting - I have a lovely life and a nice job and everything is good for me - but I never forget parts of the world that are struggling. So when I have time off, I investigate that and talk about it."

Carey also holds strong views about women's rights, describing herself as a feminist. But she can't quite get her head around the title becoming "taboo and dirty" recently, with people nervous to admit their opinions.

"Celebrity culture has made people afraid of expressing how they feel about things because no one ever wants to say the wrong thing but I’d happily describe myself as a feminist," she stated.

The star recently joined the likes of Dianna Agron and Pixie Geldof at A Small World’s Winter Weekend, a fundraising social networking event in Gstaad, Switzerland. While she is happy to address other topics, Carey is more pleased when people take interest in her philanthropic work.

"I generally find that if there is something you are really passionate about, people will listen. But you need to be a bit forthcoming about the charities you want to talk about, people won’t necessarily ask this first off, sometimes you’re more likely to be asked about your skincare regime," she added.

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