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Carmichael's Xmas cravings

Downton Abbey’s Laura Carmichael is “craving” Christmas.

The actress is best known for playing Lady Edith in UK TV show Downton Abbey. She has revealed that her Yuletide plans will be far more relaxed than anything her character might have done.

“I am craving Christmas like a child. I am so excited about having time at home,” she told British magazine Grazia. “Last year I was doing a play and I only got a day and a half off. I’ll be wearing a reindeer onesie for the majority of it.”

Although Laura will be kicking back with loved ones over the holidays, Downton Abbey is returning to the small screen for a Christmas special. The episode will feature a new face, Paul Giamatti, who plays Edith’s maverick uncle Harold Levinson.

Laura loved working with the Hollywood heavyweight on scenes for the show.

“He’s super-fun and we’ve had such a wonderful time working together. Paul found filming Downton hilarious,” she revealed. “He couldn’t get over [the fact] that in some of the scenes we just sit around drinking tea. He was like, ‘This is great, but is this really it?’ I’d be like, ‘Yes, but there is a subtext, you know, so we’ll do our looks and our eyebrows, and then the butler pours the tea and I say a bitty line and then we drink some more tea. There aren’t any car chases or anything!’ He found it very bizarre and English.”

Shirley MacLaine will also make a return for the Christmas special. The acting icon plays Lady Edith’s grandmother Martha Levinson, and Laura never failed to be impressed by Shirley’s celebrity tales.

“When Paul and Shirley MacLaine turned up for their scenes, there was a different energy in the room,” Laura said. “Shirley is part of the family now. She was dancing around on set and telling us her amazing stories. We were just talking about Justin Timberlake one day and she said, ‘Justin is a sweet boy.’ Wow. Shirley MacLaine and Justin Timberlake hanging out! That’s cool.”

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