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Carrey ‘hates’ fan snaps

Jim Carrey admits his day can be "ruined" by fans requesting countless photos.

The funnyman is currently promoting his new comedy Dumb and Dumber To, co-starring Jeff Daniels.

But he admits there’s a major downside to being back in the spotlight.

"The hard part about this, and it’s true of all people, is that everybody is a bit myopic in their life. And they think about what they want and what they need,” he said in a video interview with Screen Slams after making the remark, according to CinemaBlend.

“So if somebody comes up and asks if they can get a quick picture, and there are a 100 people around... they all have [a phone]. I try to say, ‘I can’t right now because everyone has one and then the rest of my night I’ll be like Santa at Macy;s. My night will be ruined.’ But then they are like, ‘That’s OK,’ and *click*," Jim explained.

Jeff appeared to share the sentiment, blaming the rise in smartphones with cameras as a large part of the problem.

“There is no need to carry a [pen] anymore,” he said.

Jim noted the pair "still do it because [they] like people and [they] don’t want to disappoint them", and largely love their jobs.

And while the star insists they still “hate it”, Jeff later insisted that language might be a bit strong, instead insisting they simply "dislike it with a vengeance”.

Jim and Jeff meanwhile are thrilling audiences by reprising their respective roles as Lloyd and Harry for the sequel to 1994’s Dumb and Dumber.

The new film sees the characters setting off to find Harry’s long-lost daughter, who Lloyd falls in love with.

With the follow-up feature being talked about for years, Jim admitted at the Los Angeles premiere earlier this week he was reluctant to revisit the role.

“It’s the reason why we did it really, is the fans,” he told USA Today. “Neither of us are nuts about sequels. It was really about just being hounded constantly.”

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