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Carrie Underwood: Husband avoids PDAs

Carrie Underwood claims getting her husband to openly kiss her is "a really big deal".

The country singer says her partner Mike Fisher is a little reserved when it comes to public displays of affection because of his conservative character.

Carrie insists that despite his old-fashioned morals, the ice hockey pro doesn't mind when she shows off her figure in music videos or stage costumes.

"He's definitely a conservative guy, to get him to kiss me in public is a really big deal - but he knew what he was marrying. But he knows that even if the skirt's a little short, I would never do anything that my kids would be embarrassed about when they grow up," Carrie told Australian radio show Kyle and Jackie O.

The Cowboy Casanova singer also spoke of her husband's romantic side. Asked how she celebrated her birthday this year, Carrie gushed that her partner really pushed the boat out to make her 29th anniversary special.

The star admitted that because she has a habit of celebrating birthdays for a whole week, surprising her wasn't a mean feat.

"Oh I'm a birthday [party] girl, because it is the one day of the year that is all about me. I learned it from my mom, we actually have birthday weeks; we don't have just day it's a whole week of celebrations," she said.

"I wasn't going to do anything this year but my husband threw me a giant surprise party. I had told him I wanted something romantic, which he did the night before. He set up dinner for us - somebody came into our house and cooked dinner and when we came back it was just beautiful - so I checked that off my list, but the next night he had a giant party for me with all of our friends. It was really nice."

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