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Tuesday 21 October 2014

Cassidy gives her ex last chance

Natalie Cassidy began to patch things up with Adam Cottrell before Christmas

Natalie Cassidy has defended her decision to give a second chance to the ex-fiance who was convicted of her assault and insisted: "He's not a horrible person."

The former EastEnders star and mother-of-one said former alcoholic Adam Cottrell is on his final warning, and warned if he struck out again then "that would absolutely be it".

The couple's relationship turned sour last summer when he attacked her, leading to a 120-hour community service order.

The pair - whose daughter Elisa was born in 2010 - had planned to marry, but called it off and Natalie obtained a restraining order against him.

Speaking to ITV1's This Morning, she explained: "The arguments weren't only verbal - they became physical. It's been reported that in a verbal argument Adam decided to pick up a slipper and strike me with it."

She said the couple began to patch things up after he went on a 36-hour bender shortly before Christmas and made a tearful phone call apologising for his actions.

"He's not a horrible person. He's not well," she said. "He got some help and I was there as a friend and we just became stronger, and I thought 'we can beat this thing together'."

She continued: "It's going to take a long time. And if anything violent was to happen again then that would absolutely be it.

"I don't know what's going to happen but I know 100% that if Adam continues to do what he's doing I really believe we're going to be really happy."

Cautioned by presenter Phillip Schofield about advice from a charity that abuse can get worse over time, she said: "I can only talk about what went on in my house, and for me it was the drinking." And she added: "I was never beaten black and blue."

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