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Cate Blanchett afraid of Woody

Cate Blanchett was convinced she would lose her role in Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine.

The actress stars in the legendary director's upcoming film Blue Jasmine.

Appearing alongside Alec Baldwin and Sally Hawkins, Cate didn't think she would fit in with Woody's approach to shooting movies and was convinced she would lose the role.

The blonde beauty plays Jeanette 'Jasmine' Francis, a New Yorker who loses her riches and moves in with her sister Ginger – played by Sally.

"I was watching a documentary about how Woody works, and all his methods, and I thought: 'Holy sh*t! I'm going to be fired!'," she revealed to British newspaper the Daily Mail. "It's very daunting working with your heroes, and then I got to the stage where Sally and I reckoned that if we lasted through the first week, we weren't going to lose our jobs."

It was only after seven days that Cate realised her fear of Woody had been irrational. She soon understood her anxiousness was unnecessary and the pair ended up bonding during filming.

"Then it turned out that Woody wasn't any of the things I had feared," she laughed.

Woody has had nothing but praise for Cate, comparing her presence to a "hydrogen bomb". He was so confident she would do his film justice that he wrote the part of Jeanette especially for her in the hope she would sign on.

"As I was writing it, I thought to myself, 'It would be great if I could get Cate Blanchett - but what are the odds that she'll be free just when I need her?'" he recalled to the BBC.

"It was like a gift. It was like being handed a hydrogen bomb. It's like you don't have to worry about anything anymore."

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