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Cate: I'm no guinea pig!

Cate Blanchett prefers not to be “stroked and massaged” when she is working on a movie.

The Australian actress prefers a more straightforward approach when she is working. Cate is currently promoting her new movie Blue Jasmine, which was directed by Woody Allen, and she appreciated his honest attitude during shooting.

“What I really welcomed was that if you didn’t like something, you’d say it,” she told Woody during a joint interview for the UK edition of Harper’s Bazaar. “What happens a lot in film, though not so much in the theatre, is that you get stroked and sort of massaged, like a little guinea pig. Whereas you’re very clear. I don’t know whether it’s your history in stand-up; it works or it doesn’t work, it’s interesting or it’s boring.”

Cate and Woody found it easy to bond because they are both shy people. Neither enjoys long phone conversations and Cate felt “lucky” she lived so far away from Woody, as they didn’t have to meet up too often before shooting.

The iconic filmmaker admits he goes out of his way to avoid speaking to his cast on the telephone.

“Even the phone terrified me,” Woody revealed. “When we sent you the script and you wanted to do it, that was fine with me. Then I got the call saying, ‘Cate would like to speak to you on the phone.’”

Cate went on to protest that she was told to call Woody once she had read the script.

“There is no way I would have said that. That happened when I cast Marion Cotillard. They said, ‘She wants to do it, but she would like to talk to you on the phone for a few minutes.’ And Colin Firth too: he wanted to talk to me on the phone,” Woody recalled. “My heart always sinks.”

Cate also spoke about how her career has changed since she became a mother.

The 44-year-old star raises three sons with her husband Andrew Upton and is much more selective when it comes to choosing movie roles now. She always asks who is directing the project and how long the shoot will take before she agrees to looks at a script.

Although her boys are still quite young, they understand what she does for a living and are impressed by certain things.

“Children are hilarious. My children were very impressed when I became a piece of Lego [for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull],” she laughed. “I warned them there wouldn’t be any merchandise from Blue Jasmine.”

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