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Cattrall: I’m just revving up!

Kim Cattrall wishes she could go back and reshoot the scenes in Sex and the City where her character is going through the menopause.

The 58-year-old actress is best known for her role as Samantha Jones in Sex and the City. Kim took on the part when she was in her early 40s and has previously claimed that she was “too old” to play such a character, but now she thinks differently.

“Isn’t that shocking? I think that was almost 15 years ago and I think we looked at the age of 40 completely differently to how we do now,” she laughed during an appearance on BBC One’s The One Show. “I feel like I’m just revving up and getting started.”

In the hit HBO series, Samantha went through the menopause with often hilarious and dramatic results for the viewers. But having gone through the change herself, Kim wishes she could have another go at those scenes.

“The reality was so much more dramatic, I felt like I should have gone back and redone that scene because I’d under played it,” she confessed. “It was really like being put in a vat of boiling water. It’s like ‘whoa!’ Like someone had hit you on the side of the head with a bat and you’re like ‘where are we going now?’”

While the blonde beauty cannot change those scenes, she is getting the chance to show a realistic take on the menopause in her new programme, Sensitive Skin. In it she plays Davina Jackson who is going through the change and Kim feels a deeply personal connection with the character.

“[She] is the closest I’ve ever played to myself. I love playing characters like Samantha Jones because they’re fearless but in real life I am an average woman in the sense that I’m very insecure and there are changes going on in my life,” she continued. “I’m also courageous and strong and fearful and foolish and all the things that we are as being human beings never mind just a woman or a man but there’s something about this character, I wanted to show the underside not just the two dimension of going through a transition in your life, but also the comedy and also the vulnerability.”

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