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Thursday 21 August 2014

CBB stars win messages from home

Tricia Penrose had to put the housemates' letters in order of importance

The Celebrity Big Brother contestants have won letters from their families and friends after they successfully completed their latest tasks.

Actress Tricia Penrose had to put the housemates' letters in order of importance, while each of the other contestants was set an individual dilemma.

Reality TV stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were given a "restraining order", meaning they were banned from being in the same room with each other, while former X Factor contestant Rylan Clark was told to shave at least half of his facial hair. Steps singer Claire Richards had to climb the steps in the Big Brother house every time she heard Steps fans scream, and soap star Ryan Moloney was told to wear a toad costume and sit on a lily pad all day.

Big Brother later revealed that all contestants completed their tasks - except for Heidi and Spencer.

As Tricia had decided that Claire's letter was the least important, this meant that her letter was destroyed by Big Brother. The other celebrities received their letters but decided not to read them.

Last night, Speidi unwittingly helped their Celebrity Big Brother housemates win an American-themed party.

The couple were told they would be interviewed for a digital show called Big Blogger, answering questions from fans and talking to a competition winner.

But little did they know that the programme was made up - and the questions came from their fellow housemates, who had been given a secret mission to find out what Speidi really think of the other contestants.

Watching the show from the living room, the housemates asked Speidi about their least favourite contestant, to which they replied "they are all equal". Heidi went on to say that the housemates are "losing it", with Spencer claiming that Rylan "is the fakest in the house" and former footballler Razor Ruddock "will be a straight a*******" outside the show.

Big Brother later revealed that the programme was a fake and rewarded the group with a party for playing along with the secret mission.

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