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Celebs' New Year's resolutions

A host of stars have discussed their New Year's resolutions.

The 55-year-old actor is one of many stars who has revealed their plans for 2014. While some are determined to keep promises they have made to themselves, Kevin is more philosophical.

"I don't like to make promises to myself that I might not be able to keep because then, you know, whatever, you feel like an idiot. So I don't do it," he laughed to New York Post.

Aaron Eckhart also isn't a fan of the January tradition. Although he did come up with one resolution, he hinted it wasn't really from the heart.

"I guess, for the sake of this article, a New Year's resolution for me would be: I'm going to try to cure myself of the disease to please," he said.

Pretty Little Liars' Lucy Hale is in the same boat as Aaron. She has realised she fixates on what is going to happen in the future too much, so is adamant she'll find more fun in everyday pursuits in 2014.

"I tend to always think ahead, and I don't enjoy what's happening at the time," she mused. "So I want to enjoy every day and take it all in. A lot happened this past year, and although I did enjoy it and was very grateful for it, I feel like I could have enjoyed it even more."

Taylor Kitsch has vowed to play more guitar this year, as it's a hobby he loves but doesn't always have time for.

Reality TV star Pauly D wants to put other people first, so aims to do at least one good deed a day for someone else.

Steve Carell has been busy promoting the new Anchorman sequel, so hasn't had time to think of plans for the coming 12 months.

"I don't [have a resolution]. Should I? Anything? Give me something," he laughed.

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