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Celia Imrie: Jack Nicholson is my dream man

Celia Imrie is "thrilled" when she's whistled at.

The 62-year-old actress has son Angus with fellow thespian actor Benjamin Whitrow, but the pair never tied the knot. She thinks marriage is a "difficult promise to make" and while she feels very lucky to have had a child, she has yet to be swayed to say 'I do'.

But if she could spend one night with a man of her choice, Celia has no doubts about who the lucky male would be.

"Jack Nicholson... I mean, if you watch Jack on screen, he's kind of like a lunatic, but I love that," she gushed to British magazine Glamour. "I aspire to be like him. Also, he doesn't take himself too seriously and I'm so bored by all these people who take themselves too seriously."

Celia is as busy as ever with her career, currently starring in The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and working on upcoming flick Molly Moon: The Incredible Hypnotist.

She's also looking as fabulous as she did when she first started out in the late 70s and while she isn't enjoying ageing, she does find any attention surrounding her looks these days more special than before.

"Oh, I absolutely hate being the age I am, because I feel 26. That's the age I'm suck at," she sighed.

"Oh, I'm thrilled when I'm whistled at... God no [it isn't belittling], we should be so lucky. People have become so moany. I mean, I'm not mad about being called love or dear, but I quite like darling. And really: lighten up everyone. There's enough horribleness in the world Let's just have a nice time, shall we?"

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