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Chace Crawford: Kendrick is magical

Chace Crawford says being cast alongside Anna Kendrick in What to Expect When You're Expecting was "magical".

The pair play old flames Marco and Rosie in the upcoming comedy drama. Their characters reunite and Rosie ends up getting pregnant.

Chace says Anna was the perfect co-star and the twosome regularly had fun on set.

"They offered [the part] to her, and I thought since she's doing it I want to get in the room, so we had a nice little screen test and that was it," he told Collider, before Anna added: "It was a great day.

"It was magical. We sang karaoke after that," Chace quipped.

Chace and Anna went on to discuss their go-to karaoke tunes. The co-stars sing in the film and have joked about their abilities.

"It's definitely anything with Guns N' Roses or Eddie Vedder, because I'm really good, that's the problem," Chace laughed rolling his eyes, before adding: "I'm awful."

"The crew was subjected to just our voices and no music. It was really bad," Anna deadpanned.

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