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Chace Crawford is no longer dating model Rachelle Goulding.

The Gossip Girl star had been dating stunning model Rachelle Goulding since March last year. Now he's sure to have excited many fans by announcing he's back on the market.

“Ah, no. I’m not. I’m not. It’s totally good. It’s totally good,” he revealed to The Kyle and Jackie O Show. “We had fun.”

The 28-year-old also explained that the long-distance nature of their relationship was to blame.

“I am travelling too much right now. I am just trying to move in [to my new place] and I have a couple of independent films right now. LA is different,” he said. “It’s definitely a different town from New York, especially for meeting people.”

Chace shouldn't have any problems attracting a new girlfriend with his charm and looks.

He previously revealed what would make a great date night for him, saying Mexican food always wins him over.

“Take me to La Esquina,” he told “It’s one of my favourite places here in town. It looks like a grungy taco diner. I don’t like tequila as much as I like vodka, but they have a tequila bar, and they have great tacos and little tapas things. It’s good. It’s underground, good music. It’s great!”

Although finding a new date might not be his top priority. He revealed that he's more than happy being by himself.

"I'm totally sort of doing my thing. I'm never really looking. I guess if something comes along... There's perks to both. I'm not the type who needs to be in a relationship. I'm not a serial monogamist," he explained.

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