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Channing: Movie set is like school

Channing Tatum is proud he got his movie education on set.

The 34-year-old star spent time as a model, dancer and stripper before he settled into acting. He hasn't been to drama school, but insists that doesn't matter as he learns so much on set.

"I had on-the-job training. Each film has been a school term. It's an expensive education," he told British magazine Heat.

In his latest film Foxcatcher, Channing plays real-life Olympic wrestling champion Mark Schultz. He was asked whether winning a gold medal could be compared to taking home an Oscar, but believes they are poles apart.

"I didn't study acting until I was 25, but to win an Olympic gold, you train from childhood," he said. "There's no just jumping in, saying, 'I'm really gifted.' It's a day-in, day-out obsession."

Channing had to show off his body in Foxcatcher. While he's no stranger to flashing his flesh having played a stripper in his semi-autobiographical flick Magic Mike, this time things were different. He and his co-star Mark Ruffalo wanted the sequences to be perfect, so went to huge lengths to get them right.

"I dropped 15lbs. in a day," he claimed. "You have a ton of water in your skin and stomach, and Ruff [Mark Ruffalo] and I figured out how much weight we could lose in the gym, I was not feeling very well after that."

While Channing is building a career as a serious actor, things still don't always come easily to him. There are parts he still thinks about, although he insists he doesn't get overly emotional.

"Maybe not cried. I really, really wanted John Carter. It's one of those that got away," he said.

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