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Channing Tatum: Alcoholism is no joke

Channing Tatum insists alcoholism is "nothing to joke about" after making comments about his "excessive" drinking.

The 34-year-old actor was recently interviewed for the US edition of GQ magazine, where he joked he's a "high-functioning alcoholic" because he enjoys one too many drinks on a day off.

However, the 22 Jump Street star has now admitted he can understand the comment confused some people.

“People love to say those pull quotes and everything. And if you read the article, I wasn’t saying that I’m an alcoholic,” he explained to Access Hollywood. “I’m saying [that] in between movies I drink to excess, I eat cupcakes to excess. I love cheeseburgers in excess and I’m indulgent. And, that’s it.

“But alcoholism is a very serious thing, so I wanna say that. And, I have people in my life that it affects, [who are] close to me, so it’s nothing to joke about.”

Channing has been busy promoting 22 Jump Street with co-star Jonah Hill, but is also gearing up to potentially play the role of card-throwing mutant Gambit in the X-Men franchise. He's already started practising, should the role really be his.

“He’s been throwing cards at my face all day for the past three weeks – ever since he figured out he might play Gambit,” Jonah laughed. “He’s literally just been flicking playing cards in my face.”

“I actually do throw cards,” Channing added.

“I used to throw cards around the house all the time when I was a kid, because – I’m not a big X-Men head, like, I don’t know everything about every single character, and I probably don’t know as much as like the Gambit heads do – but he was my favourite.”

The Magic Mike hunk added that fans shouldn't get too excited yet, because Marvel are still deciding whether to "let him in".

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