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Channing Tatum has diaper doubts

Channing Tatum is worried he's so bad at changing diapers his baby might end up "pooping on the ground".

The Magic Mike hunk and his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum are excited to be expecting their first child together later this year.

Channing is already in father mode, which means he has been learning about parenting by reading books and watching informative TV shows. However, there is one aspect he is yet to get a firm grip on.

"I have never changed a diaper before, so I may need some help learning," he admitted to People.

"I don't have friends who have kids, so it's going to be an interesting experience to learn how to change a diaper. I hope I don't have any problems where the diaper falls off and the baby [poops] on the ground."

Although he is worried about his diaper skills, that isn't putting Channing off. The star is looking forward to helping with all aspects of childcare and has no issues with getting his hands dirty.

"Once the baby is born, I'll definitely do the diaper changing. If it means touching the [poop] and getting peed on, I'll still do it. I'm up for the challenge," he insisted.

Jenna will give birth in the summer and at the moment she is Channing's main concern. He is determined to make her pregnancy as enjoyable as possible, meaning he is at her beck and call.

Although the 32-year-old actor isn't sure whether he should give in to all Jenna's requests, he can't imagine not giving her what she wants.

"She jokes to me all the time by saying, 'If I feel good, then the baby feels good or if I'm happy, then the baby is happy.' And I'm like, that is such an urban myth. You're just saying that to get me to do everything for you," he laughed.

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