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Channing Tatum: I watched entire childbirth

Channing Tatum witnessed everything when his wife Jenna Dewan delivered their daughter Everly three weeks ago.

The actor insisted on staying by Jenna Dewan’s side the whole time as she delivered their daughter Everly on May 31.

He explained it was the most incredible thing he has witnessed.

“I was there for the whole thing,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “That was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my life.”

Channing reveals he is actually resting well despite parenting a newborn.

The 33-year-old star and his spouse have been receiving professional help with their tot so they can get enough sleep.

“Yes. I am sleeping a little, probably a little more than most,” he confessed. “A lot of people who have a baby probably don't have as much rest as I do. We have [a nanny] helping us manage all the risks of having a newborn.”

Channing has been spending plenty of time in England, where he is shooting the Wachowski siblings' sci-fi movie Jupiter Ascending.

During his last opportunity for a break he went on a trip down the Amazon River.

However now he has family responsibilities, Channing can’t arrange any vacations without Jenna’s permission.

“I like to get out of society,” he shared. “People forget you don't have to be stimulated by electronics all the time. But we don't have anything planned at the moment. I can't plan any trips; my wife would kill me.”

Channing married the mother of his child in 2009 after meeting on the set of their movie Step Up in 2006.

He is currently promoting his new motion picture White House Down in which he stars with Jamie Foxx.

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