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Channing Tatum: I'm romantic

Channing Tatum hides love letters for his wife in her wallet.

The 32-year-old hunk married actress Jenna Dewan in 2009 after the pair met on the set of Step Up. The pair are happier together than ever and Channing enjoys making small romantic gestures to make sure Jenna knows she is appreciated.

"You don't have to order an airplane with an 'I love you'-banner in order to be romantic. I show my affection to Jenna with small things like a tender text message," he told German magazine Joy. "Before I leave the house, I often stick a post-it with a heart or a smiley on her computer. Sometimes I also secretly put a love letter in her wallet."

Channing looks forward to the time when he starts a family with Jenna.

The actor would love to have children, but for now he is happy to make do with a loyal pet.

"I definitely want to become a father," he explained. "Actually, we had targeted end of this year, but Jenna doesn't want to take a break from her career just yet. But I do hope I will become a father very soon! For now, we just have our dog Meeka!"

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