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Channing Tatum: McConaughey danced his thong off

Channing Tatum has revealed his co-star Matthew McConaughey received so many tips while stripping in their movie, his thong fell off.

The pair appear alongside Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer in Magic Mike, the new movie about sexy male dancers.

Channing has recalled a moment on set where a group of female extras accidentally tore off Matthew's skimpy underwear while he was performing a series of raunchy moves.

"It was a collection of women being like, 'I have to tip him,' and then the weight of all the dollar bills in their hands just took [his thong] off," Channing laughed to Entertainment Weekly.

Although many actors would have wanted the scene to be stopped to preserve their modesty, Matthew took it in his stride.

"I stayed in sequence," he explained. "I went for the tuck. [Mimes covering his manhood] I went for the roll. [Mimes doing a forward roll] And I finished the dance."

Magic Mike is based on Channing's experiences of being a stripper.

Although actors are sometimes eager to leave the set after a long day of shooting, Channing says the cast were happy to stay on and offer encouragement to their co-stars.

"Actors, generally, if we finish our scenes early one day, we go home. It wasn't like that on this set. Especially during the dances - we were there cheering everybody on," he added.

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