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Channing Tatum pranks co-stars

Channing Tatum loves provoking a "good reaction" from his co-stars when he pulls pranks.

The 31-year-old American actor enjoys having a hearty laugh.

While filming romantic drama The Vow with his co-star Rachel McAdams, Channing felt compelled to pull a caper.

"As probably everyone knows, [Rachel's] a very very good good girl," Channing explained on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. "So I wasn't sure if she's ever seen a penis. And um, I wanted to make sure that she saw a good one for the first time."

"So I had the props make a very large prosthetic... There is this scene where I have to walk in naked and she got a good reaction. They actually used it in the movie."

Channing also managed to trick his 21 Jump Street castmate Jonah Hill. Jonah seemed to be a good sport about the jokes.

"It was kind of amazing the things he let me to do to him before he realised that this is not normal," Channing joked. "I don't know where he's getting massages at... but I'm like straddling him on this thing.

"I straddled him and then I just kept going lower and lower. I didn't get inside the buttocks... but then he was like, 'Oh, this is weird,' and looked up and it was me."

21 Jump Street will be released in US theatres this weekend.

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