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Channing Tatum wept at kids' movie

Channing Tatum thinks he was "going through something" when he cried hysterically at Finding Neverland.

The movie is about the man who created Peter Pan and it touched Channing when he watched it. Looking back he can't understand why the 2004 had such a profound effect on him.

"Oh, I can cry! It's mostly animal stuff. I cried my eyes out in Finding Neverland for some strange reason. I have no idea why! I was on a plane, maybe I was going through something in my life, but I cried like a baby. It was embarrassing," he laughed.

Channing's new movie is called The Vow and is about a woman who forgets her husband after an accident. Rachel McAdams appears alongside Channing and he enjoyed playing pranks on her.

"In the shower scene I'm butt naked, so I got the prop department to make me a prosthetic you know, thing. So when Rachel had to look at me doing full frontal, it was down to my calf!" he giggled to Look magazine.

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