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Charli XCX: I'm pure punk

Charli XCX wants her shows to be more punk then pop and is on a mission to be known as a badass.

The British star has become a worldwide singing sensation thanks to her music, which has seen her teaming up with Iggy Azalea.

She took to the stage last night at MTV's EMA awards, held in Glasgow, rocking a skin-tight catsuit. Her sleek and sexy look reflects her attitude to her music.

"I want shows to sound sick. I would rather my shows be a punk show rather than a pop show. It's like a riot. All I care about is that I sweat on stage and make everyone else sweat. I do not care about looking good, dance routines. I just care about being a badass," Charli explained to British newspaper Metro.

The 22-year-old hitmaker has been touring America and scored her first number one in the country with catchy track Boom Clap.

The title track from her new album Sucker, which drops next month, is Charli's way of getting one over on all the non-believers.

"There is one song called Sucker. It's about all the people who have doubted me. It's me giving the finger to anyone who has questioned my validity as an artist. That song is really fun for me to sing and I always flash my pants on it. It's all just personal situations and things that have happened to me," she divulged.

Last night's EMAs were presided over by Nicki Minaj who turned the air blue with some of her language, kicking off the night with a profanity laden opener.

"What the f**k is good Glasgow? It’s November and it’s the EMAs. Sit back, relax and get ready to turn the f**k up," she shouted excitedly.

The host did apologise for all the swearing, but conceded it was to be expected.

"I'm sorry if I cursed, but I am Nicki Minaj," she told the crowd.

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