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Saturday 19 April 2014

Charlie Brooks would like to see Janine Butcher become a "meditating hippy".

Charlie Brooks missed out on seeing her daughter following a trial on TV show I'm A Celebrity
Charlie Brooks missed out on seeing her daughter following a trial on TV show I'm A Celebrity

Charlie Brooks returns from a six-month break from 'EastEnders' this week and the 31-year-old actress has promised fans her alter ego is still "the bitch" they love to hate, even though she would have enjoyed a change.

She said: "I'd have loved her to come back as a meditating hippy.

"No, her head is still very much screwed on. She's back for her little girl, Scarlett, and she's definitely back as the bitch. I'm really enjoying playing her in high-powered business mode, but how that's going to combine with being a parent, I don't know."

Charlie - who has eight-year-old daughter Kiki with former partner Tony Truman - is enjoying being back on the show but admits she has found it difficult working with the young baby who plays her daughter because Janine is so "cold".

She added to Inside Soap magazine: "I've filmed scenes with the baby who plays Scarlett  where I have to be cold with her, but in between shots I've been pulling faces and being smiley, because you want her to feel as comfortable as she can on set.

"Then I'll see the fear of God come over her face when the camera starts rolling again, because after being all lovely, I suddenly go all 'Janine'. She's probably thinking, 'Where did that nice lady vanish to?' "

Source Bang Showbiz

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