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Charlie Day's booze blunder

Charlie Day found it “strange” when Jennifer Aniston had to say rude things for Horrible Bosses 2.

The two stars appeared alongside each other in 2011’s Horrible Bosses and its sequel, which hit screens last year. They got on well on set and so Charlie was invited to a soiree at Jennifer’s home, which was a little bigger than he expected.

“I met you at a party at Jennifer Aniston’s house and it was probably the most intimidating, star-studded party I’ve ever been to,” he told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. “I walked in, the first guy I saw was Tom Cruise and then I saw you and Jen and I think like Demi Moore. My wife and I brought a bottle of wine, and we were like, ‘Hide the wine. Put it in your purse, throw it in a bush, get rid of it.’ You know what I mean, our $2 bottle of wine.”

Luckily the budget booze didn’t cause any lasting problems between Charlie and Jennifer. They still get along great, which made shooting Horrible Bosses 2 easier. Jennifer plays a sex-crazed dentist in the flicks, who is constantly being inappropriate towards Charlie’s character Dale. She’s previously admitted finding some of her dirtier lines tough to say, and Charlie can see why.

“It’s strange hearing that stuff come out of her mouth. I mean you know her better than I do, but it seems not the way she’d normally talk,” he mused. “She seems sort of uncomfortable doing it, but I get a kick out of it and honestly, it doesn’t really need to be said, but she’s the most lovely, sweet, wonderful person and I’m thrilled that I got to work with her twice.”

While things are going well for the 38-year-old actor now, it was a tough road to the top. He spent years auditioning and being turned down, before he and some friends got the idea for hit TV show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – now in its tenth season.

“Well you know, we’re all actors out here in Los Angeles and I can remember auditioning for movies like EuroTrip 2 and getting feedback like, ‘He’ll never work in comedy.’ And saying, ‘Oh man, I feel like I could be funny. Let’s do this ourselves,’” he laughed.

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