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Charlie Hunnam: I was a menace to society

Charlie Hunnam thought crying was "totally unacceptable" when he was a teenager.

The British actor starred as Jackson 'Jax' Teller in TV show Sons of Anarchy, which finished last year. In keeping with its title, the 34-year-old was quizzed on whether he's ever done anything truly rebellious and opened up about an incident from his student days.

"When I was 15, I was banned from going to Florence on an art-history trip by a teacher who generally thought I was a ‘menace to society.’ While he was away, I broke into his stash of acrylic paints and painted this giant crushed-up Coke can. It was maybe the best painting I’d ever done, but he ripped it up in front of the whole class," Charlie recalled to

"We used to twist old art scissors into throwing stars, and I could hit a f**king bull’s eye, no problem. So I threw some of these scissors at him, and they landed in the doorframe parallel to his head. And that was it - they expelled me from school.”

Charlie took the drastic action because he was so upset. He felt humiliated by what his teacher had done and started to feel tears creeping into his eyes, something that at the time he felt was "totally unacceptable".

He has now mellowed a great deal and understands violence is never the right option. This was obvious when he was asked what being a modern man means to him.

"Standing on your own two feet, living by your code of honour and being a rock for the people around you," he said. "But in the modern context, it also means being in touch with your feminine side. Men have to be strong enough not to repress their emotions; real strength allows for vulnerability."

Charlie hit the headlines when he was cast as the lead in Fifty Shades of Grey, a part he eventually walked away from due to scheduling conflicts. Jamie Dornan eventually starred as kinky Christian Grey in the movie, although had he gone ahead with it Charlie would have had no problem flashing the flesh.

When he was 18 he starred in a UK TV show and went full frontal, although it couldn't be aired as his character was only 15.

“I think when I was young, I was a little bit more fearless with that stuff. I don’t know [about now]... I’m sure I would; I have nothing to hide," he said.

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