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Charlie Hunnam: Kanye is cool

Charlie Hunnam has thanked Kanye West for praising Pacific Rim because "it doesn't get much cooler" than the rapper.

The actor stars in Guillermo del Toro's action-adventure Pacific Rim, about a war between mankind and robots, which emerge from under the sea.

Last week Kanye tweeted about watching the film, calling it "one of his favourite of all time", leaving Charlie and his co-stars stunned.

"It doesn't get much cooler than Kanye West, so I certainly think it gives us a little street cred. It's just exciting. It's always exciting when, as an artist, you really respect and admire someone's work, and that kind of comes back," Charlie gushed to MTV.

"To have someone like Kanye, who I have been listening to for years, give us such a glowing endorsement was really, really exciting."

Kanye and girlfriend Kim Kardashian welcomed their first baby, a girl called North, into the world last month.

The new father has been criticised for tweeting about movies rather than his child, but Charlie's co-star, Charlie Day, can understand why he's keeping quiet about their new arrival.

"I think Kanye saw the movie. I think he enjoyed the movie, and I think he wanted to help us get the word out, so he tweeted about it. I think it's great," he shrugged.

"I've certainly read things where people were kind of jumping on him for not tweeting about his kid but tweeting about a movie, but you know what? Your kid is your private life and a movie is entertainment in your public life. I think it's the kind of thing you should tweet about. Look, Kanye is my boy now, and if I ever meet him, I will thank him."

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