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Charlie Sheen: Dad's a legend

Charlie Sheen says his father is "kind of a living legend" on the set of his new TV series.

The actor stars in FX show Anger Management, which sees him play a non-traditional therapist, while Selma Blair is his best friend.

Charlie's father Martin has also appeared alongside him on screen and the Hollywood star has revealed what it's like to work with his dad.

"He comes to set prepared, he likes to rehearse, he's old school and he's a bit of a perfectionist like I am," Charlie told reporters at a panel for the show, according to Access Hollywood.

"He doesn't want to leave a take or a scene [unless he] absolutely killed. But he's very trusting He's like, 'Are you sure about that?' I'm like, 'Yeah, we got it, we got it twice.' He's very supportive on the set. He's kind of a living legend. When the crew sees him it's kind of like, 'Attention on Deck.'"

Anger Management's network president John Landgraf revealed that it was likely the comedy will get picked up for 90 episodes. Charlie is thrilled with such news.

"It's exciting as hell," he said. "Look who I get to work with. This is a really amazing group I don't think 90 [is] going to be enough I feel with how we've started that we just scratched the surface - barely."

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