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Charlie Sheen is big flirt with Blair

Charlie Sheen and Selma Blair can't help flirting on the set of their new TV show.

The pair star in Anger Management, which sees Charlie play a non-traditional therapist, while Selma is his best friend. Series creator Bruce Helford has revealed the stars clicked as soon as they met.

"Selma and Charlie hit it off, right off the bat. They love each other. The chemistry between them is honest, in a physical way, where I'm almost embarrassed to be on the set sometimes for the bedroom scenes, but they're both professionals," Bruce told "It doesn't go any further than that, but there's definitely a lot of flirting going on. But, they also truly are genuinely friends. They share a lot of personal stuff."

Charlie started working on Anger Management after he was fired from Two and a Half Men.

He unleashed a ferocious attack on his TV bosses last year, before his infamous meltdown, when he lived with two women and claimed to have "tiger blood" running through his veins.

Bruce insists he had no doubts about working with the 46-year-old star on a new project, despite his erratic behaviour.

"I knew a lot of writers on Two and a Half Men who all said, 'This guy is a complete pro. He shows up for work and he does his job.' When a star is out of control or has that whole diva thing going on, the crew are the first ones to turn against them," he explained. "I know that Charlie doesn't feel great about the way that he went about it, but he feels strongly about the points he was trying to make. But no, I was not concerned. I've always found Charlie to be an incredible gentleman He obviously has something to prove. He wants a better legacy than the way that show ended, and he's very invested in what we're doing."

Bruce went on to reveal that Charlie is more than happy to poke fun at his recent personal troubles. Some Anger Management episodes will even refer to Charlie's tumultuous life.

"There are some good jokes coming up about Charlie's personal life," he added. "Denise Richards comes on the show and does an episode with us. Martin [Sheen], his father, played his father in an episode. It will be based a lot on what he went through, during that period."

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