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Charlie Sheen 'mad at Blair for gossiping'

Selma Blair reportedly never “trashed” Charlie Sheen on the set of Anger Management, but instead talked about him to a friend.

This week it was confirmed that Selma has left Anger Management, the TV show where Charlie stars as a therapist. It was claimed that Charlie demanded she be fired after she complained about his conduct to series bosses.

A new report suggests that Selma didn’t actually complain to anyone involved with the programme. Instead she confided in a friend, apparently claiming Charlie was continually late to set and made shooting difficult. The unidentified person told another pal, with the comments eventually making their way back to Charlie.

“Selma didn’t trash Charlie on the set. Everyone on the show was ticked off at his behaviour but no one complained to the producers because they knew he would fire them,” a source told RadarOnline.

“But her private comments got back to him and he went off. He demanded she be fired. It’s his show and she was let go.”

Charlie apparently heard about Selma’s remarks over a period of time, causing him to make changes to the show.

Initially Selma’s therapist character was Charlie’s on-screen love interest, but in recent episodes that hasn’t been the case. The actor seemingly decided the romance should be cut short after he began “hearing things”.

The two stars initially had a good relationship, with Selma praising Charlie for being “charismatic”. In turn, he called her one of the prettiest women in Hollywood.

“With Selma he went from loving her to hating her. And once he turns, that’s it. She was done,” the source added.

It has been claimed that Charlie was a huge fan of Selma’s even before she joined the programme. He enjoyed her performance in the 1999 movie Cruel Intentions and even struck up a friendship with her, with rumours he would have liked their relationship to have been romantic.

“How close were they? Let’s just say he was crazy about her. Call it lust at the very least,” the source claimed.

“As the show began Sheen was still highly attracted to Selma. Call it flirtatious or whatever you want, but his feelings were obvious. He thought there was chemistry.”

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