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Charlie Sheen mystified by meltdown

Charlie Sheen says his infamous meltdown feels like an out of body experience - although he wishes it was someone else's body.

The Hollywood star was famously sacked from his role on TV show Two and a Half Men last year, after he criticised the show's creator. He also bragged about his drug use in public and was open about living with two girlfriends.

His family - including his father Martin Sheen - publicly spoke about how worried they were for him and Charlie has now turned things around. He finds it strange when he thinks about much of that period as it doesn't feel like it happened to him.

"I would have taken that action," he said on US TV show Today this morning, when it was suggested that people were probably betting on when he would die.

"I was going to do a documentary with all the footage I shot during the tour and the whole build up, during the meltdown. It could be a nice case study one day. In looking at a lot of the stuff, I'm like ew, whoa... I didn't recognise parts of who that guy was. The verbage and him looking like a real, insane wordsmith was fine. But it was a trip. Yeah [it was like an out of body experience], I wish it was somebody else's body."

Charlie explained a "team effort" finally help him back on the road to recovery. He's not surprised some wonder if he is completely back to full health now, saying "It's not that much time to have put this much back together."

A recent video showed Charlie appearing to be intoxicated at a Guns 'N Roses concert. When quizzed about it, the 46-year-old admitted that when he sees the ageing rock back "it's on".

Interviewer Matt Lauer expressed doubt that most specialists would allow an alcohol addict to drink, causing Charlie to laugh.

"If you do, I should probably go to that guy. Sorry," he said.

"I don't believe that whole piece of fiction that you have an allegiance to. That's just me!"

Charlie has a new TV show coming up, called Anger Management. He is looking forward to seeing what his fans make of the offering and has explained his reasons for getting involved in it.

"I couldn't have the Two and a Half thing be my television legacy. I couldn't have that end on that note. If this is going to be a swan song, then it's got to be a beautiful experience, and, so far, eight days there was more fun than eight years," he stated.

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