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Charlie Sheen ‘slashes child support’

Charlie Sheen will allegedly give ex-wife Brooke Mueller less than half the usual child support while Denise Richards takes care of their youngsters.

The 48-year-old actor has twin sons Max and Bob with his ex-wife and used to pay her $55,000 each month to take care of them.

However his other former spouse, Denise Richards, has temporary custody of the four year olds at the moment. Authorities became concerned about Brooke’s ability to care for the boys in May due to her addiction issues.

“A deal was made out of court between Charlie and Brooke’s lawyers, which involved a mediator,” a source told Radar Online. “The new child support payment is $25,000 a month, since the twins, Bob and Max, aren’t living with Brooke.

“If the judge in child dependency court gives the boys back to Brooke, Charlie will immediately begin paying her the full $55,000 a month.”

The website alleges Brooke is unimpressed with her new income but has been careful not to complain.

“Needless to say, Brooke isn’t happy that the child support payment was slashed, but knew if it went to court, she would likely receive no money,” the insider continued.

Brooke is thought to be doing well with getting her life back on track in the eyes of child protective services.

The socialite lost rights to look after her kids when she overdosed on drugs and was put on involuntary psychiatric hold.

“Charlie could have gone to the family court and asked the judge to rule that he shouldn’t have to pay Brooke a dime because the boys aren’t living with her,” the source added.

“However, Charlie didn’t want to kick Brooke when she was down. He is a generous guy, probably to a fault. Brooke is the mother to his children, and he really hopes she turns it around, this time for good.”

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