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Charlie Sheen's ex Brett Rossi on lawsuit: 'I want justice'

Charlie Sheen's ex-fiancée agreed to sleep with the actor for $10,000

Charlie Sheen's former fiancée Brett Rossi is seeking "justice", not money, in her lawsuit against the actor.

The former porn star sued Sheen on Thursday (03Dec15), claiming he forced her to abort their child last year (14) - and immediately became the focus of fierce backlash as critics wrote her off as a money-grabber.

Keen to set the record straight, Rossi told FOX411, "I want justice. If I wanted money, I would have kept our child. If I wanted money, I would have kept quiet. I want justice."

In November (15) Sheen revealed he has HIV during a candid TV news interview, and admitted he was initially diagnosed with the virus in 2011.

Rossi, real name Scottine Ross, embarked on a romantic relationship with the actor in November, 2013. They split almost a year later, and according to her, the relationship was riddled with conflict.

Rossi claims she first agreed to have sex with Charlie for $10,000. The one-time adult entertainer went on to explain she had been having sex with him for several months and only learned of his diagnosis after finding HIV medication in his medicine cabinet.

This would appear to discount Sheen's version of the story entirely - during his Today Show interview last month, the former Two and a Half Men star insisted he informed every sexual partner about his HIV status before engaging in intercourse.

“If he would have told me from day one, from the first time that we met, there would have never been a relationship,” Rossi stressed. “I never would have been sexually active with him.”

In the complaint, filed by Rossi, she asserts her pregnancy was revealed in March, 2014, and when she shared the news with Sheen he "erupted into a fit of rage", declaring an abortion was necessary because he didn't want his child to become HIV-positive. Rossi claims things quickly turned sour after the abortion.

“Toward the end of our relationship, I’d say July, 2014, he went on this bender, and I had never seen him in such a state, and we went through some really hard times," she said, noting his HIV self-care routine was non-existent when he was high on drugs. "When he used – and I’m not talking drinking, I’m talking drugs – in the beginning, yes, he was diligent, but it got to a point where you’re so high on crack cocaine that you don’t know what’s up what’s down, if you’ve been locked in your room for three days or three weeks.

"He would tell me that he was taking his medication, but I was the one who filled up his medication every week. He was not taking it on a regular basis when he was high.”

Rossi is said to have filed her lawsuit one day after Sheen allegedly declined to settle out of court with her for $1 million.

His legal team has vowed to "vigorously defend" their client as the case moves forward.

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