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Charlize Theron 'happy Sean's stopped smoking'

Sean Penn has reportedly given up smoking to be "the healthiest version of himself" for girlfriend Charlize Theron and her son Jackson.

The A-list couple were first romantically linked in 2013 after a enjoying a long-standing friendship and seemingly got engaged last year, though neither have confirmed the news.

They are often spotted out together with Charlize’s adopted son Jackson, who is reportedly part of the reason why Sean has decided to give up cigarettes.

“Sean had been a very heavy smoker for years. After dating Charlize for just a few months, he decided to give it up. Charlize hadn’t pressed the issue, but just asked him to abstain whenever he was around her son, Jackson. One day, Sean just announced he wasn’t going to be smoking anymore,” a source told RadarOnline.

“Charlize was happily stunned and was thrilled Sean was quitting. For the first few weeks, Sean used a nicotine patch, and would occasionally use the gum version.”

The star apparently wants to be “the healthiest version of himself for their little family”, which is another reason why he's made the change.

Sean is so besotted with Charlize’s little boy that there are claims he is looking to adopt Jackson. He is thought to have already begun the relevant paper work, with no pressure from the blonde beauty.

“It has been a very natural process of them becoming a true family,” an insider previously told the site.

“Jackson calls Sean ‘daddy,’ and Sean just lights up around him. Sean picks Jackson up from nursery school, and all of the parents know him.”

If Sean and Charlize marry it will be the third nuptials for the actor. He was previously wed to Madonna and Robin Wright, who he has kids Dylan and Hopper with. But it would be the first time Charlize has said ‘I do’, following relationships with Craig Bierko, Stephan Jenkins and Stuart Townsend.

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