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Charlize Theron: I used to have a fat face

Charlize Theron has joked she was glad to get rid of her "fat, Dutch face".

The Hollywood actress is famed for her natural beauty, but insists this wasn't always the case. Charlize plays the looks-obsessed Queen Ravenna in Snow White and the Huntsman, who is jealous of Snow White's loveliness.

The star has no reason for that in real life as she is finally happy with the way she looks.

"I have never looked better than I do today," she told German magazine TV Movie. "I had the fattest, Dutch face you can imagine because of my father, who is from the Netherlands."

Queen Ravenna seeks eternal beauty, and throughout the film periodically rejuvenates from her elder years. Charlize was shocked when she initially donned the ageing mask.

"It was hell! I thought, 'Is this is how I am supposed to look, when I'm old?'" she exclaimed before adding she sent the picture to her mother. "She answered, 'Stop partying at night.'"

Charlize says the scenes were difficult to shoot at times because of the amount of prosthetic make-up on her face. The process has put the star off cosmetic surgery.

"The latex layer is applied so thick that face expressions barely come through. I can only say, good luck with Botox, girls, I will never do that to myself!'" she laughed.

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