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Charlize Theron: Shaved head caused a storm

Charlize Theron doesn't think she's that tough in real life.

The South African beauty departed from her usual look for the dystopian film and can be seen with a shorn head for the part of Imperator Furiosa.

While it fits well for the movie's atmosphere, not everyone was happy with her decision to cut her hair.

"We were going to make this movie several times and every time there was a whole different look and finally I called George [Miller, director and co-writer] and said, 'I need to buzz my head.' Then of course everybody hated me because it set the tone for the film – so about a thousand guys and girls had to shave their heads and the guys were worse about it than the girls," Charlize recalled to British newspaper The Independent.

Charlize has been busy promoting the movie, which also stars Tom Hardy and Nicholas Hoult, and stunned at last night's LA premiere where she was joined by boyfriend Sean Penn.

She's riding high in both her personal and professional life, calling her adopted son Jackson, three, "so cool".

However the 39-year-old doesn't know how well she'd be able to cope if she had to face a real life survival situation, like in the movie.

"I don't think of myself as tough. But there's something in my personality that likes a challenge and can cope in tough circumstances. I wanna believe if push came to shove I would pull it together and survive, but then I think in the luxury of this hotel room, we can all feel that way, right?" she smiled.

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